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Who we are

Our identity

Buy home is a company that deals with real estate investments at auction. We offer a 360° service that begins with the selection of the property and ends with its resale.

We have been following the purchase and real estate investment at auction making use of the synergy with SPAs connected to us for the most important operations

The analytical capacity supported by competence And professionalism developed by the Aggiudicasa working group in the field of real estate investments they generate mutual satisfaction with the investor and the buyer who in turn, thanks to word of mouth, become a source of new references.

Linea Marina

CEO and Founder

Ennio Bernardi

His real estate experience began in 1985 when he became involved in the family renovation company where he developed a great practical sense in the construction field. In 1990 he contributed to the opening of a photographic studio in the furniture/interior furnishing sector as a visual designer, and then opened his first business as set designer architects collaborating with the largest architecture studios in northern Italy. He began his entrepreneurial career in the world of real estate auctions in 2008, thanks to his great imagination and inventiveness he contributed to the conception of real estate projects by actively participating in the choices relating to the redistribution of spaces and the final visual result.

Linea Marina

CFO and Founder

Giuseppe Giovinazzo

He began his journey in 1997 for Suninvest spa, a company that conceives, designs and develops commercial and industrial parks and prestigious housing developments throughout Northern Italy. 

He established himself with excellent results in the role of administrative director for 21 years, before concentrating on the executive and administrative management of construction sites on behalf of the Aggiudicasa brand. 

Over the years he has gained important experience abroad by managing construction sites in Croatia, France and the United Arab Emirates for tens of millions of euros, successfully completing all the real estate transactions carried out in his career.

Linea Marina

Project Manager

Iacopo Zanovello

He took his first steps in 2009 as a consultant in the field of asset protection, first as a broker and subsequently for Generali Italia. Having moved to Milan for a specialization course in business administration, in 2014 he started the business of providing online content for financial services which subsequently led him to accumulate experience in Croatia, Switzerland and Germany as a business developer in the field of financial investments. 

Since 2017 he has dedicated himself full-time to the world of real estate investments, focusing on judicial auctions and settlement and write-off procedures, merging with the reality of AggiudiCasa in 2019.

Buy home

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Linea Marina