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Purchasing and investing in real estate at auction for over 20 years.

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Who we are

For 20 years we have specialized in the purchase of properties at auction.

Our company is based in Mestre, in the province of Venice and we work throughout the Veneto region, and occasionally beyond. The expert team of Aggiudicasa, with more than 20 years of experience, will be able to guide and support you in the purchase of properties at auction whether for residential, tourist or commercial use for investment purposes (income and real estate trading) or for private purchase for yourself or your companies.

Do you want to generate profit by buying and selling properties at auction?

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Our results

As proof of our reliability, we propose below some of the results obtained in the last few years of Aggiudicasa's operation.
Our system is proven by dozens of success stories, and investors as well as homeowners, who with our help have achieved significant investment returns or found the home of their dreams.

Simulation of evolution of net capital over 8 years thanks to compound interest

Business net ROI: +114%
 Initial investment: 250,000; Return €535,700
Initial investment: 500,000; Return €1,071,000

The last year in numbers

purchased properties
millions of euros of investments
average profit
+ of 0 %

The method

A system based on experience and professionalism

What distinguishes us from our competitors is transparent management and the absence of risks, thanks to a team that has been working exclusively with real estate auctions every day for 20 years to find and develop the best opportunities for our customers.

They are two different worlds. To fully understand all the dynamics of forced sales by the court, it is essential to proceed with a team of specialized professionals such as a lawyer, surveyor and accountant as well as carrying out our own real estate counter-appraisal so as to be able to attribute the market value of the property in question.

Nowhere. In the investment operation as well as in the purchase at auction for oneself, the property will always be registered in the name of the final investor/buyer, and the money will pass from the customer's account to that of the court.

The average duration is from 12 to 15 months from the moment you become owner of the property. From the date of the auction there is an average of 120 days to pay for the property and the sooner the investor pays, the sooner he will become the owner of the property.
No, our task is to eviscerate all the costs that will be presented to the end user, including costs omitted and/or not highlighted by the court in the appraisal and in the notice of sale
Absolutely not. Our task is to help the buyer understand how much the property is worth and then indicate the values that must not be exceeded during the auction phase in order to make a deal.

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