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Why invest in auctions with Aggiudicasa

Aggiudicasa's core business arises from the need to invest liquidity in valorisation and resale operations with a margin, replicating the operations also on behalf of external customers using the same methods and discounted supply prices reserved for us.

The investor who relies on Aggiudicasa as a real estate investment will not have any investigation, acquisition and construction management costs.
Profits will only be distributed once the operation is completed, after the resale of the property. The greater the margin generated, the greater the capital gain proportionally generated by the operation to the advantage of the investor (and therefore of Aggiudicasa).

With the assisted investment formula, Aggiudicasa includes all the costs of the award, 360° assistance, work management and agency costs for the resale of the property. For resale Aggiudicasa uses the services of a dedicated specialized marketing team which, by advertising the property through the indicated channels, allows you to cut resale times up to 50% compared to the market average.

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Advantage 1

Price at market discount

The most obvious advantage is certainly character economic. Usually properties subject to judicial sale have a very advantageous starting price at auction compared to their actual market value.

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Advantage 2

Study of updated values

When the court orders the sale of a property at auction, it appoints an expert witness to draw up an appraisal so as to obtain an estimate of the property value.
It often happens that the appraisals are dated and therefore do not reflect the correct market value of the property at the time of the auction.
The change in the market price is determined by a series of variable values of different nature (economic, political, geopolitical, as well as the advancement of technologies and construction techniques). For this reason an update of the values carried out by our team, assumes a fundamental role.

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Advantage 3

The expertise of a team

Our investment projects focus on properties located in areas where we know the facets of the specific reference real estate market extremely well. This allows us to attribute precise values to the property both in its current state and once the maintenance and redevelopment works have been completed.

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Advantage 4

In-house construction team

Aggiudicasa is a partner of a holding company, which makes use of multiple companies with which it has operated, even principally, for decades now.
Over the years, this has allowed us not only to achieve high quality standards thanks to the established cooperation and harmony established between the workers, but also to benefit from significantly more convenient renovation costs compared to the average values reserved for private individuals in the free market.

What are the evaluation and participation steps for a judicial auction?

Pure civil cases, bankruptcies, executions, intra-executive procedures

Real estate auctions represent an excellent opportunity to purchase residential, industrial, commercial properties and land at an advantageous price.
The judicial proceedings, which give rise to the sale of a property at auction, have a different nature and are essentially divided into:

  • real estate foreclosures
  • failures
  • forced liquidations
  • endoexecutive procedures
  • civil cases


Depending on the judicial proceeding, the methods of carrying out and the costs of the operation may vary, which are preliminarily assessed by the team. Before submitting an application for participation, THE TEAM evaluates the costs associated with the purchase of the property, for example: tax charges, for urban planning/land registry regularization, administrative charges and sanctions.

Subsequently, we will proceed with the development of an evaluation analysis divided into two steps: in the first step we will obtain the value of the property in its current state, while in the second step we will carry out an estimate of the costs useful for redeveloping/renovating the property, completing the business plan on the sale value of the property on the free market once redeveloped.

At the end of the evaluation it will be clear what our bidding limit will be in the auction and we will then proceed with the submission of the participation application. As a preventive measure, our technicians will take into account a prudent estimate of costs (including a percentage of unforeseen events) while the resale price will be determined below the market value in order to optimize the timing of the resale itself.

Once our administrative department has prepared the participation application on behalf of the investor, the offer will be filed.

On the day of the auction, the envelopes will be opened at the office indicated by the sales representative or the bankruptcy trustee and any incorrectly formulated bids will be discarded; the tender will then proceed on the basis of the highest offer received.

In the event that the auction is awarded by third party participants, the investor's bank draft will be returned immediately, or within a few days in the case of a deposit paid by bank transfer.

If you win the auction, the deposit will be retained as a deposit by the procedure, which within a few days will indicate the approximate amount of the expenses relating to the transfer of the property.

The successful bidder will have to pay the remaining balance within the terms indicated in the sales notice which are normally 90/120 days. Once the balance has been paid and the transfer decree has been obtained, Aggiudicasa will be able to proceed with the management of the property to carry out the redevelopment and resale.

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The points process

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The first step consists in making an appointment at our office in Mestre, where it will be possible for the investor to experience the Aggiudicasa reality first-hand and fully understand the methods and opportunities offered.

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The tailor-made investment

Once the investor's needs and the related budget have been identified, the team will take action to select the best opportunities offered by the market.

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Business plan

Once the real estate opportunity has been identified and analysed, it will be meticulously presented in numbers and form to the investor.

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Our administrative department will take care of preparing the bureaucratic part by collecting the investor's documentation necessary to participate in the auction.

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From A to Z

A turnkey investment

On the day of the auction we will assist the investor in every phase, participating up to what is established in the business plan. Once the auction has been won, our team will take care of everything, up to the resale of the property.

*Our side-by-side investment purchase path is free of costs for the investor and includes operations starting from €200,000.

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