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The process step by step

1. Appointment on site
Appointment at the Aggiudicasa office for presentation of the working methods. You will be able to select one of our Exclusive packages or continue for free until the property selected together is actually awarded.
2. Market research
Having understood your needs, we will start our investigation among all the properties at auction and in pre-auction and we will analyze them together.
3. Awarding of the task and feasibility analysis
We will analyze the convenience of the chosen purchase and will provide you with a clear statement of the costs to be incurred. We will carry out an accurate analysis to attribute the actual value of the property.
4. Participation in the auction
Once our team has studied the practice in depth, we will support you throughout the process necessary for the correct presentation of the offer so that you can realize your dream in maximum safety.
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In the event of an award, we will manage the administrative and bureaucratic procedures until the keys to your property are delivered new property.

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Our packages

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How does a real estate auction work?

Would you like to participate in a real estate auction but don't know where to start?

We have created videos to explain how Aggiudicasa will accompany you towards the purchase of your new property.

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Does it seem too difficult on your own?

We will help you get the house of your dreams through a judicial AUCTION

With us it will be much easier. Contact us today and we'll tell you where to start.

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With us it will be much easier. Contact us today and we'll tell you where to start.