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November 30, 2023

MARGHERA - 18th century Venetian villa. used as an accommodation facility

A prestigious Venetian villa currently used for hospitality purposes is up for sale at auction, located in the magnificent city of Venice, in the picturesque Riviera del Brenta, at the address Via Padania 338. This deal includes not only the sumptuous Villa Pampado in Malcontenta but also a series of essential elements for the success of the hotel and restaurant business. The company boasts goodwill, quality machinery, valuable furniture and furnishings, modern systems and complete equipment. The property has 10 refined rooms, with a total of 26 beds available. The structure underwent a complete renovation in 2009. The current value of the real estate complex, including land, buildings and systems, is €1,340,000.00. Furthermore, the valuable contents amount to €120,000.00. The total value of the entire hotel complex is €1,460,000.00. In this exceptional offering, the following assets are included: – Intangible property assets, including goodwill and business management. – Real estate, which includes land, buildings and facilities. – Movable assets, such as equipment, furnishings, reception, meeting room, gym, lunch/breakfast room, kitchen, homes/rooms, courtesy supplies, materials for use, outdoor spaces and many other equipment and furnishings. Additionally, leasing options are available for additional movable assets, including home/room furnishings/accessories and kitchen and utility equipment. The building consistency of the structure includes a covered area of 222 m² and a developed area of 805 m², including various areas such as balconies, underground service rooms and an electrical substation. This charming villa, originally known as “Casa Barbarigo or Villetta Pampado”, has a rich history and was home to the Osteria dei Sabbioni, a renowned destination along the Naviglio Brenta, east of the town center of the Oriago hamlet. The structure preserves the typical architecture of the "Venetian villas", with a rectangular plan, two floors above ground and a central body with a dormer window. Although it has undergone transformation interventions over the years, the typological imprint has been preserved. The last major restoration, completed in 2011, made it possible to obtain its current use as a "hotel", bringing the structure back to its ancient splendor and updating the internal spaces and systems.
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